About the Photographer

There once was a child of the age where his attention was on the world and everything grand within it. Young enough that almost everything was still new in his eyes, and nothing screamed danger that surely should have. His energy resembled a border collie puppy and his focus no greater than a small squirrels. His grandmother, taking interest in his well being, decided to gift him with something that would grasp his mind, and spark his creativity to see this "grand" world in an interesting new light; a film camera.

My name is B Maxwell Wolcott. Located in Reno, NV and professionally servicing the outlying areas. This is my story and where my fascination with the world began. I wasn't always a professional photographer but it has always been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Even in my youth, my father was "that camera guy" at each event. Something drove him as well, but I have yet to find what it was.

For myself though, I find my drive is in the observation of life. I'm the youngest of eight siblings and our house was always resembling party city on the weekends. Between the birthday parties, family gatherings, holidays, plus every Sunday "bring your friends" family night, it was non stop most years. It's easy for the youngest, smallest sibling of so much chaos to get lost in the crowd.
I've spent most of my life observing because of this; "a mouse in the corner" as the saying goes.

Before photography I was a farriers apprentice (Horse shoer) and a horse Trainer. Spending most of my working day in solitude on the back of a large, peaceful animal enjoying nature. Eventually I became a horse training advisor for five years.

If you don't know what that is, it's basically a client based business teaching others how to train horses. This is where I learned the importance of each client and how helpful it is to find their needs and fulfill them. Knowing someone on a personal level allows you to tailor the service to suit them perfectly. I take my clientele seriously, maintaining a drive to serve them in the best of my ability. I continue to service my customers on a personal and professional manner within my photography.

Let's be honest, capturing someone in a photo is not just about "cool photos." It's a personal business where my job as a professional is to know who you are and portray that in a photograph. Whether it be for a business card, or capturing the moments that inspire emotion and memories for a large life event such as a wedding. I have you in mind no matter what. I often am telling my clientele who ask "what's your style?" I don't have one. My style is completely dependent on who hires me. Meaning, who they are, and what they want. I love photography and when I'm not working I'm still shooting, that's when you will see "my style" because I'm shooting for myself. You'll find I love candid photography because I'm still that young boy in the midst of a large crowded party observing.

If you dig deep down and ask yourself why you love certain photos more than others, you'll find yourself in them. Its because you relate to that moment captured. My goal is to find what you relate to and what tells your story; showing who you are. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and I would hope I get the privilege to know you as well.

Call, text, email or message me on Facebook and help me tell your story.

-B Maxwell Wolcott

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