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Why The Name?


Why The Name?

B-Pfisterer Photography is a merger company. Originally known as "Pfisterer Pfotography" owned solely by Samantha Pfisterer.

Samantha starting at a young age with a camera in her hands, she eventually went on to earn her degree in English and minor in photography through college. Her skill was becoming known and her client base began to grow. Eventually Samantha had a well based side business in photography. As time went on she met B Maxwell Wolcott and started dating, got engaged and is now married

It was only natural to merge the two talents and pursue this journey together. So B-Pfisterer Photography was born, also known as "BP2 Photography." There was talk of scrapping the name early on after the merge was decided, due to the confusion and questions it created among new clientele and marketing. But why it stuck has more meaning than just a business name. After Max and Sam got married, Samantha's maiden name fades away with only having one other sibling, a sister. To keep it alive it has been incorporated into the business permanently in order to honor the family name, and hopefully leave a legacy of beauty where it goes.


Though Samantha is now less zealous about capturing images for clientele, you will still see her with a camera in her hand when creativity takes her. And on occasion found assisting or shooting beside Max for weddings, events and other photo shoots.